We will make and sell food by creating or renting a space in the local bazaar, this could take the form of either a lunch counter or a food cart.  During the three-week residency, we intend to spend the first ten days to investigate the local food scene and set up our food stand. During this process we will gain a better understanding of food culture in Central Asia by exploring the local food shed, markets and stores but also where food is grown and raised and where to best find the most appropriate ingredients for the recipes we will make. We will be completely dependent on the local markets and infrastructure.

For the remaining ten days we will run the food stand and sell the prepared food at a local rate. The act of running a food stand gives us the opportunity to make direct contact with the people buying and selling at the market and establish one-on-one interactions. This will facilitate further contacts and explorations. We will offer small dishes of food similar to what we cook at Chez Panisse Restaurant, with the context of Central Asia in mind, served in the informal manner of a tapas bar or food cart with an emphasis on local, sustainable, chemical free but also well-crafted and produced ingredients. More importantly, we will use produce whose sources and stories we will gradually become familiar with and appreciate.

Although the stand is a place providing food, we are using it as a space to foster social interaction. We design it as a place to contemplate and question the everyday practice of preparing and consuming food. The stand itself might include objects and documents, whose conceptual nature will help frame our intentions turning it into an object both practical and sculptural. We see the food stand and its web of interactions as a social sculpture.


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