Tamara welcomes us to Osh


Tamara Kadyrbayeva, our host in Osh, is a trained art historian (iskusstvoved, in Russian). She married her husband, who is a prominent Osh artist, during her university studies in Leningrad. Tamara-eje considers herself to represent the artists from the entire southern region. The job of art historians is to provide art critique for artists. They were generally part of the Unions of Artists. Tamara-eje also works at the local university.

At her home, we drank tea sweetened with cherry and apricot jams (varen’e).

Tamara is a native of Osh. She shared a few precious childhood memories of her visit to the bazaar with her grandparents.

In the bazaar,

We will also eat mantis, a large dumpling filled with meat and onions.


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