The bazaar in Osh


The bazar of Osh is rugged. Several narrow streets parallel the river; on the main thoroughfare we find mostly clothes, videos, bags, stationery… everyday stuff. Small sideways openings lead to other businesses; the covered meat market where everything is in plain sight, hooves, livers, severed bull’s heads, lamb fat and intestines. If you know where to look you can find a separate room ,with only one entrance door, where Russians sell pork and also a few very expensive chickens, the only ones not imported frozen.

Different areas sell different things but boundaries are not well defined. There are television sets, hand made knives, fabrics, suits, fruits, vegetables, kitchen equipment, tea, religious books, some dried fish, cell phone cards, spices, iron works, planks and probably anything else you might want.bazar_shoe 006W

Everywhere you go you will also run into some kind of restaurant or food stand.


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