The main stove sits at the entrance of the restaurant a few feet from the street with the prep area right behind.

It is a very public kitchen and everybody can watch us, like the neighbors, while Rakhmanberdy is making Laghman, a hand-pulled noodle, that we will serve with meat balls and tomato sauce, an homage to Marco polo who might have stopped at the Osh bazaar on its way to china.

We will cook and learn from each other for the first three days until Rakmanberdy left us to go organize his son’s wedding.

The kitchen was pretty rudimentary and trying to improve things by buying a stove, for example, didn’t always prove useful.

Most of the prep was done on a pine board, bought for the occasion and on the last day we  made hamburgers, complete with homemade ketchup

and “provençal” mayonaise from Russia.

We also cooked onions on a grill handmade for the occasion

by the blacksmith who work in  another part of the bazaar.

It became part of the pantry, along with the stencil, cut by Nusurat Kambarov,one of the Union artists and used by the student to make the entrance sign.


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