Nan, Khleb, Lepeshki…


Day 4 016

Nan is distinct round bread from Central Asia, it is also known here as Lepeshki. We have spotted many of these Day 4 011Day 4 013breads in various sizes and styles in the bazar. The bread has a thin circular center that often represents the sun. The outer ring of the bread is softer. The bread is cooked in a Tandor oven by sticking it to the wall of the oven to bake. This gives it a distinct flat bottom.  They are often baked with sesame seeds on them.  Here in the Ferghana Valley nan is a mainstay feature of any meal.

Day 4 010

Last half of the week restaurant 032

Here’s an interesting little bread we found during our project. We really did like them for the aesthetic alone. These breads were quite unique from the other breads because they had a hole in the middle. The texture of the bread was harder and more sour than any of the breads we had tasted before. At first we wanted to use these for our hamburger buns but they proved to be inappropriate when we tasted them.


3 Responses to “Nan, Khleb, Lepeshki…”

  1. Lenguaje Says:

    I check your web page and blog. The projet “Artpologist” is very newfangled. The relationship beetwen local sistem food, people, and the everyday, and habits offers the opportunity to meet and interact with and learn from the idiosyncrasy of the people.

  2. Lenguaje Says:

    Las fotos son impactantes, ¡genial!

  3. Lenguaje Says:

    when I see that image I feel hungry. The ‘arepa’ –in Colombia- is a delicious dish.

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