The wedding


On the last day of the restaurant Rakhmanberdy invites us to the celebration for his son’s wedding.

We eat in a separate room with the older women in the family.

Rakhmanberdy comes with his grand-son to make sure we have all we need.

Tamara gives a blessing.

The end of the feast.

We will come back later and open the restaurant for one day as we travel with the CEC ArtsLink group through the cities were the different projects took place.

After having lunch at the restaurant Susan, Fritzie, Kendal, Amanda and Marissa are sampling some pastries made by Rakhmanberdy’s brother-in-law.

It will also be time to say goodbye.

Zhanara has printed some pictures for everyone.

For our last meal together Rakmajon brings us a treat, lungs cooked in milk by his daughter-in-law.

It is delicious and reminds me of lardo.

we say goodbye.


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